Saturday, February 13, 2010

Google about to launch its own physical network

Google Network In a blog post Google announced that they are planning to “test” their own high speed ‘fiber to the home’ (ftth) network in selected communities in the US.

While many comments talk about the megalomania of Google’s latest endeavors (after competing in the operating system market and in the mobile / smart phone area they now also going into the ISP space), I think it is very positive for end users that Google is testing out all these different opportunities.

Google has the size and power to actually make a change. Even if Google might not ‘rule’ the market in the end (like they do on the search and online advertising market), the entering of a company like Google can bring back the innovation and advancement into these areas – which is good news for end users waiting for fast networks, better smart phones and better operating systems.

All these activities are clearly targeted towards the creation of an infrastructure to push cloud applications to the next level. Fast networks are a premise for next generation cloud computing apps that can be run on smart phones and low profile laptop computers (like netbooks or iPad like devices).

Clearly Google is working on the fundamentals for Cloud Computing 2.0 here…. looking forward to see this developing!