Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cloud Computing – The Power Grid of the modern IT

Roger Smith outlined a very nice analogy of Cloud Computing to the existing AC Power Grid.

1047129_transmission_towers Nice way of thinking about this… as we agreed on 240 Volts and 50 Hz (well, of course the US did not really agree on this) we need to agree on standards in Cloud Computing to make services and providers interchangeable and open the market for substantial growth.

This actually puts some pressure on all the proprietary APIs that are currently used and puts up the question on how the new standards will look alike? Are we talking about SOA and Web-Services here? Or will we agree on JSON or pure XML as standards? Will the future be RESTful?
Or maybe none of the mentioned will be able to pass the critical mass and the Cloud Computing providers will have to deal with a mix of standards that need to be supported in parallel?

Interesting times ahead!

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